What type of design can be put on my jerseys?
Whatever you want. If your team is Pirate Fc you can have skull and bones, parrots etc. If your team loves Celine Dion, hey you can stick her on your jersey too.

What sports jerseys do you create?
Any sport that has a jersey we can make it. Contact us to see examples and pricing.

Does it cost extra for names, numbers and sponsors logo on the jerseys?
No. These are made with the latest sublimation technology so the jersey is printed in one go. If you have a very complex jersey design then there will be additional costs to create it with our design team But you will be notified of that price. (See Leicester Celtic in our gallery for an example of a complex jersey)

Is it just jerseys or do you sell shorts and socks?
We can also get shorts sublimated with any designs, or just plain shorts and we also provide socks.

What is the order process?
Step 1. You will make an enquiry. We will give you a quote and quickly mock up a jersey based on your colours and your crest.
Step 2. If you are happy to proceed we will then work on your design ideas.
Step 3. You fill in an excel form with names, numbers, sizes and a colour palette.
Step 4. You send us that information and we will send you final printing for approval. Once you have signed off on this stage you will pay the deposit of 50%
Step 5. Jerseys have arrived you will pay the additional costs and jerseys are delivered.

How long does an order take?
Once the final printing stage is approved by you it will usually take another two weeks to get the jerseys printed and posted. The first stage of enquiry and approving jerseys can be as quick or as slow as it takes to get it right for you.

What happens if there is an error on the jerseys?
We send you final printing approvals. If the error is on your side there isn't anything we can do. If we make an error we will fix it and replace it for you. There will always be a window of time to fix an error even if you have sent your approval.

There are always hidden fees what makes you different?
Honestly the price we give you is the price you will pay. We have set prices per jersey on the number you want. There are other prices if you want crests designed, or a very complicated jersey made. But you WILL ALWAYS be advised of these costs before we proceed. If you order 18 basic jerseys no crest design at $39 per jersey it will be $702 in total that you pay.

I liked your service what if I recommend you to a friend?
Great, thanks for the support. We appreciate word of mouth referrals. If your friend orders a set of 10+ jerseys we will give you $30. You need to have either bought from us previously and your friend needs to mention the introduction at the start of the order. Or if you would like to become an affiliate partner, contact us about that.

Are you ready to get your dream set of jerseys?